The Experimental Medicine Graduate Student Association (ExMed GSA) is a student committee, which aims to enhance and improve graduate student experiences in the department through events, workshops, and diverse opportunities. The ExMed GSA serves to create and facilitate a platform for connection, as well as foster an inclusive and accepting academic community.

Are you an Experimental Medicine student? Volunteer to be profiled! Our current initiatives include the Research Spotlight, Student of the Month, and Pets of Experimental Medicine, where you can share your research, fun facts, and your furry friends. Alternatively, is there a student or faculty member you would like to know more about? Nominate them to be profiled.


We’ll be posting our announcements and new information for students in this section. Check back regularly to learn more!

Career Café 2022

Join us at our Career Café 2022, brought to you by ExMed GSA, BCCA GrasPods, and MedGen GSA!

This will be an in-person event at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Atrium/Chan Centre on June 9th from 5-7 pm.

We will have a diverse group of alumni from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science. This will be a great opportunity to learn about different career paths and to expand your networks. Baked goods and beverages will be provided!

☕️ Register at bit.ly/careercafe22

Research Spotlight

The Research of the Month shares the program’s successes in terms of grants, awards, manuscripts, acceptances, publications, conference participation and presentations, and more to congratulate the people involved and share the good news with the larger community.

Send your or others’ contributions here!

Student of the Month

Meet Viorica Hrincu, a PhD student in the Neuroscience, Engagement, and Smart Tech Lab and our very first Student of the Month!

Please provide a short description of your current research:

Our research team will co-create guidelines that address the risks and benefits of social media use in dementia research. Our aim is to help researchers and participants connect on social media in a way that is ethical and beneficial for all.

What is an interesting fact related to your research?

Supporting brain health isn’t just relevant for older adults; it’s an important consideration across the lifespan.
Where are you from?
Edmonton, AB
What is your favourite thing about Vancouver or UBC?
The natural beauty (and the craft beer!).
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy attending art shows and exhibitions. Vancouver has a lot of local talent.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
Have you ever thrown something into the trash from across the room? I have scary good aim.

Volunteer to be interviewed or nominate others!

Pet of the Month

Submit your pet here!

Wellness, Inclusion, and Diversity

The ExMed GSA is strongly committed to promoting and establishing an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all students. The GSA hosts wellness events independently, and in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine. To learn more and keep up to date about upcoming events, resources, and support, please join us on Microsoft Teams and visit our social media platforms.

We strongly encourage you to report all witnessed cases of bullying, harassment, and mistreatment to the Learner Mistreatment Help portal where you can provide information about support and reporting options: https://mistreatmenthelp.med.ubc.ca/.

Did you know that there is a counsellor available specifically for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine? To learn more about counselling options and booking, please visit this page: grad-postdoc.med.ubc.ca/current-students/student-wellbeing/counselling/

Meet the Team


Rania Khelifi

Vice President

Jenny Lee

Public Relations Executive

Vivian Han

Director of Career and Academics

Miguel Prieto

Director of Events 

Hannah Crepeault

Social Media and Digital/Visual Media Coordinators

Jane Kim

Jocelyn Chan

Wellness Coordinators

Magnus Chan

Tenanye Haglund

Event Coordinators

Hacina Gill

Maira Jiminez

Academic and Career Coordinators

Chanel Ghesquiere

Prerna Thaker

Connect with us!

Twitter: @ExMed_GSA

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/73481513545

Microsoft Teams: Please fill this form to be added to Microsoft Teams where we discuss coursework, research, department information, events and opportunities, and more. There is both a general Experimental Medicine group and a Cohort group specific to each year, starting September 2021.

Email: exmed.gsa@ubc.ca