Transfer from MSc to PhD

Students who wish to transfer from a master’s to a doctoral program must have completed one year of study and nine credits (500 level or above) of coursework in the master’s program, these must be of first-class standing (80%).   The student must show clear evidence of research ability.

Transfer directly into a doctoral program should be accomplished after the first year of study and will not be permitted after the completion of the second year in a master’s program. Transfers may not be retroactive.

If a student transfers from a master’s program to a doctoral program without completing the master’s degree, the commencement of the doctoral program will be from the date of first registration in the master’s program.

If a student transfers from one area of specialization to another in a master’s program or in a doctoral program the normal time limit for completing the degree is not affected.

Guideline through the transfer process:

  1. If a student wishes to transfer from the MSc to the PhD degree program, they are required to have a supervisory committee meeting. During this meeting the transfer should be discussed with the student’s supervisory committee.
    1. If all members of the supervisory committee approve the student’s transfer, this must be mentioned in the supervisory committee meeting report SupervisoryCtteReport and submitted to the Experimental Medicine Program.
  2. The student and their supervisor need to fill out the “Transfer Form Master’s to Doctoral Graduate Program” form, if the above mentioned criteria are met.
  3. This form needs to be submitted to the Experimental Medicine Program for the Graduate Advisor’s signature.