M.Sc. Thesis


March 18, 2020

Students are encouraged to hold a virtual defence to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. UBC Virtual Meeting Room and Zoom are two common tools to set up virtual defences. Before sending a request for a virtual MSc defence, please ensure all required participants, outlined below, have agreed to participate in a virtual exam.

  • The Student
  • The Examination Chair
  • Supervisory Committee Members
  • The External Examiner

Please be noted that the quality of both the audio and visual components will depend greatly on the quality of each participant’s internet connection. We recommend connecting from a computer that is hard-wired into an internet connection and if you must connect via WiFi, try to test the connection prior to the defence.


  1. Your Supervisory Committee meets and advises you to write up your thesis.
  2. You write up your thesis.
  3. You provide a copy of your thesis to all members of your Supervisory Committee.
  4. If all corrections, suggested by the members of your Supervisory Committee, are made to the thesis, you ask your supervisor and all members of your Supervisory Committee to submit the “MScThesisSupervisoryReport-2” to our office.
  5. You and your supervisor inform the Experimental Medicine Program about the date, time and location of the M.Sc. Thesis Defence as well as the names of all examiners and the nomination of the Chair. Please fill out the Master’s Defence Form and submit to the Experimental Medicine office 4 – 6 weeks prior to the defence (to allow time for Director review/approval/invitations preparation and circulation).
  6. The program Director reviews the examiners’ qualifications.
  7. After the program Director’s approval, the Experimental Medicine Program sends out the official invitations to all examiners and the Chair, providing them with the Master’s Thesis Defence GUIDELINES
  8. You submit a copy of your thesis to the external examiner.
  9. You have your thesis defence.
  10. Your supervisor and the examiners complete and sign the masters_thesis_approval form (provided by you). You should then send this form directly to the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies.
  11. The Chair sends a report and the Grade Report forms to the Experimental Medicine program office with your final grade.
  12. If applicable, you make suggested corrections to your thesis.
  13. Your Research Supervisor approves the corrections.
  14. You apply for graduation (this can also be done before the defence).
  15. You submit the final and corrected thesis to cIRcle.

Deadlines for Master’s students are similar to deadlines for Ph.D. students, which are listed on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. M.Sc. students only need to note the application for graduation, final day of defence, and final day for thesis submission.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies website also provides details on formatting requirements for Master’s Theses.


A minimum of 3 examiners is required, at least 2 members from your Supervisory Committee:

  • The Research Supervisor plus one committee member (or more).  In exceptional circumstances when the Research Supervisor is not available, two members of the supervisory committee may attend the defence.
  • The External Examiner, who must not be a collaborator of your Research Supervisor, must not be involved with your project and should not be in the same research program, Centre or Division as your Research Supervisor.

The Experimental Medicine Program also asks you to confirm a Chair.