Graduate Student Initiative(GSI)

GSI Policy

The University of British Columbia has provided funds for the Graduate Student Initiative (GSI). These funds are allocated to the Experimental Medicine Program yearly.

Details on the GSI can be found here

The GSI policy of the Experimental Medicine Program is that the majority of the GSI funds are to be distributed to Ph.D. students (within their first four years in the program) who are not receiving any other tuition award. The list of eligible students is usually created after the September admission deadline of June 30. The GSI funds are then allocated equally among those Ph.D. students on the list. Ph.D. students entering the program in January, May or July will receive a pro-rated GSI award for that year.

For students in the M.Sc. program, the Experimental Medicine Program will award a portion of its GSI if the progress of the student in courses was excellent. In this regard, students who managed to achieve an overall average of 90% in at least 12 credits of coursework in our program will be awarded a portion of the GSI.  For all students, regardless of degree or year of study,  publication of an article as first or second author while in the Experimental Medicine Program will be recognized by an award, also using a portion of the GSI funds. Finally, an amount of the GSI funds will be used as entrance awards to top students entering in the fall semester.
Starting September 2015, the Experimental Medicine program will be offering up to four entrance awards each year for students entering either the M.Sc. or Ph.D. Program in the fall term. These awards will be $5000 each and are intended to supplement any stipend or scholarship the student will receive. Each year, the ExpMed program committee will review all applications submitted for consideration and these awards will be allocated by April 15th to allow them to be used as incentive awards to attract top students and get them to commit early to enrolling in our program. Therefore, applications must be received by April 1st and will be reviewed based on the following criteria: Minimum average grades of 85% in the last two full academic years.  Research productivity will be assessed based on stage of their study: a Ph.D. candidate that has completed the M.Sc. will be expected to have published their work; for an entering M.Sc. student, their contribution to research (abstracts or publication) will be expected to be much higher than an average B.Sc. graduate.